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27 Mar 2020


Having a Voice Processing system is like having a professional receptionist available 24/7. Your callers are welcomed by your friendly greeting; your callers will be at ease as you direct them through your any brand of phone system. This system not only reduces phone congestion, but it also gives callers an excellent impression of your business, before then even speaks with your team.

Connecting with your team is as easy as press 1, 2, 3 or 4!

Example Extension Assignment for Directory Assistant:

Day Greeting:

Thank you for call ABC Compoany Sdn.Bhd., Please dial the extension number you know or press 9
For assistant.  (If caller press 9)
Directory assistant,
Press 1 for Sales – Ring at extension 200, back-up extension 201
Press 2 for Admin & HR – Ring at extension 300, back-up extension 301
Press 3 for  Finance – Ring at extension 600 & extension 601
Press 4 for Purchasing – Ring at extension 500, back-up extension 501
Press 5 for technical support – Ring at extension 511
Press 0 for operator assistant – ring at extension 100, back-up extension 101
Lunch Break Greeting

Thank you for calling ABC Company Sdn.Bhd., our lunch break is from 1pm to 2pm. You may dial the extension number if you know or press 9 for assistant. (If caller press 9, system play directory assistant menu)
Night Greeting

Thank you for calling ABC Company Sdn.Bhd., our  office hour is from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and off on Saturday and Sunday. You may dial the extension number or call us during our office hour.

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