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Polycom Soundstation 2


Polycom Soundstation 2

The standard for everyday conferencing in small to midsize conference rooms.
SoundStation2 is the ideal conference phone for small to midsize conference rooms that seat up to 10 participants. Polycom Acoustics clarity technology delivers exceptional performance voice quality, making your conference calls clearer and more productive. Industry-leading full duplex technology provides natural, simultaneous two way conversation without clipping or drop-outs that are common in traditional speakerphones. Users can speak in a normal voice and can be heard clearly up to 10 feet away – making every call a more productive call. Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) actively removes background noise such as projectors & ventilation system, while 360 degree microphone coverage with intelligent mixing highlights the person speaking, not the distracting ambient sound, for crystal clear conferencing .
SoundStation2 provides users with advanced features, enabling conference calls that are more flexible and productive than ever before. The “EX” model supports up to two expansion microphones, ensuring that the microphone pick up reaches to all corners of a medium-sized conference room. The 2.5mm applications port allows you to connect the SoundStation2 to a mobile phone for conference call from locations without any analog phone lines, or to a computer for internet calling*. A large backlit display offers easily visible call information and telephone functions. It connects to any standard analog telephone line, making it very easy to set up. With traditional telephone features like redial, mute, transfer, and hold, you have a conference phone that’s also familiar and easy to use.



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