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Microengine Visitor Management System (VMS)


Microengine Visitor Management System (VMS)

Computerizes Visitor Management System which is specially designed to keep track of visitor coming and going out of the premises. With this system you will be able to expedite the visitor registration process, determine who is still inside of your facility and notify the system users once the banned visitor intends to sign in or sign out.

The system is utilizes the latest technology which can enhance the security in the facility. Staff and visitor will feel more secured and being protected. It will create great first impression to visitor and enhance the corporate image. 

This system is utilize Client-server mode, it supports up to 4 guard operating terminals Bahasa Malaysia and English versions are available in the Guard Operation Mode. It helps to improve the user acceptance rate and training period.

Simple version record simple personal particulars, faster registrations, Client-server Bahasa Malaysia & English Version available.

Advance version, more verifications,more accurate, Client-server Bahasa Malaysia & English Version available. (Suitable for organization that needs more data verification for the visitors, e.g. For highly confidential building or area, like government sector, banking sector, hospital, TEDM, chemistry, industrial and etc.


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