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Yealink SIP T-48U IP Phone


Yealink SIP T-48U IP Phone

Yealink SIP-T48U IP Phone employs an appealing large touch screen that makes the switch between pages and applications swift, easy and convenient. United Yealink Optima HD voice technology and wideband codec of Opus, the T42U awards you the superb audio quality and crystal-clear voice communication. Moreover, the Yealink T48U puts dual USB ports in a phone that makes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB headset and USB recording come true.


Operation System : Linux  Based
LED Indicator
Interface : LCD Display 7” 800 x 480 Pixel Color Touch screen + 0 Line Keys
● Audio : HD Voice (HD Speaker + HD Handset), Full Duplex, Yealink Noise Proof
● Ethernet Port : 2 USB, Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet Ports. PoE, Wall Mountable, Bluetooth, WiFi
● N Way Conferencing : 16 SIP Accounts + 10 Way Conferencing
● Memory Key : 29 touch keys

Features and Benefit
Easy Customization and High Expansibility
Superior HD Audio, Better Communication
● Efficient Installation and Provisioning
● Secure Transport and Interoperability


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