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Polycom Video Conference System
Polycom Video Conference System


Polycom Video Conference System

POLYCOM RealPresence Group 500-720P,
TRIO 8300/ 8500/ 8800,
Soundstation 2 / IP-6000/ IP-8800,

Powerful Audio & Video Collaboration For Group Conferences
In A Sleek Design That Is Simple To Use
Item Benefits
1 Simple To Use With One Touch Dial From The Integrated Calendar and The Skype For Business Interface.
2 Flexible, Interactive Content Collaboration So Distant Teams Can Work
More Closely Together
3 High Performance Video and Content Quality So Everyone Can View and Share Without Compromised
4 Simple Installation & Compact Design
5 Right-Size The Solution To Meet The Needs Of Each Individual Conference Room With Flexible camera and Accessory Options For The Best User Experience and Cost Effective Deployment
6 Built-in Interoperability Unlocks Access To The Highest Quality In-Room Collaboration Experience For Video As a Service Customers

Large LCD Display For Caller ID
For Small Medium Conference Rooms (10 Participation)
Provide natural, Simultaneous, Two-way Conversation Without The Clipping or Drop-outs
Users can speak In A Normal Voice and Be Heard Clearly Up To 10 Feet (3 Meter) Away
For Crystal Clear Phone Conference Calls, Dynamic Noise Reduction(DNR) Actively Removes Background Noise (Projectors & Ventilation Systems)
360 Degree Microphone Coverage With Intelligent Mixing Highlights The Person Speaking, Not The Distracting Ambient Sounds
No More Buzz Technology Resist Interference From Mobile Phones and Other Wireless Devices


Small Meeting Rooms With Up To 5 Peoples
Rich Audio Conference Calls With Poly's NoiseBlock That Eliminates Background Noise
With Wi-Fi Audio Calling Technology, USB, Bluetooth & IP Connectivity


Portable Bluetooth Speaker To The Business Conference Call
HD Voice Audio Quality & NoiseBlock Technology
IP-64 Rated Against Water & Dust
Connect Devices Using USB 2.0 or Wirelessly Using Bluetooth

VoxBox Features A Four Cardioid Microphone Array With A 10 Foot Pick-up Range.



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